About UsAbout Us

SIBZ is a Youth group open to siblings aged 8 – 16 of children with ASC. (Autistic Spectrum Condition)


The SIBZ group meet both during term time and holidays with extra effort for excursions made during the holidays.


As a SIBZ member you will be able to enjoy many outings, which include activity breaks during the summer, ten pin bowling, indoor climbing, water sports, arts and crafts, team building activities and many many more….


You will be encouraged to become involved in the running of the club and many of the outings are will be suggestions of the SIBZ members.


SIBZ members are also invited to talks by professional bodies to help understand autism and related conditions.  You can also share their thoughts and feelings with others who experience some of the same day-to-day challenges.  Through all this you realise you are not alone.


Such a caring environment encourages a strong sense of belonging and lasting genuine friendships.



You are not the only one!You are not the only one!


There are many young people growing up with brothers and sisters affected by autism. We call these young people siblings. Sibling is another word for brother or sister.


When you grow up with someone who is disabled or has an illness, there are both good things and difficult things about it. It’s like this in all families, even if nobody is affected by autism.



A mixture of feelingsis OKA mixture of feelingsis OK


Sometimes siblings like being with their brother or sister and enjoy each others company. At other times they really don’t want to do anything with them. This is normal. It is normal to sometimes feel caring and protective, and sometimes to feel totally fed up and irritated with your brother or sister.


Parents are often very busy looking after the disabled person. This sometimes means that you don’t get as much attention from your parent. Sometimes you may wish you had more information about autism or about coping with difficult things that happen.